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Per Job Basis

We offer very competitive and efficient pricing compared to other coding services. Payments are done on a per-job basis. We do not charge hourly and there are never any surprise fees. Simply send us complete and clear details of what you want done and a free quote will be sent to you. You wont ever need to pay extra, no matter how many hours we spend completing your job.


We work using a prepayment method of operation, which is beneficial for both sides. Securing prepayment eliminates the possibility of people never paying for their program that has already been electronically delivered and which we have worked hard to complete. On the other hand, prepayment is beneficial to clients since it gives them peace of mind knowing their job has been fully paid for and there will not be any surprise fees later. So once full prepayment has been received, your job would be placed on the queue. You would not need to pay or do anything else pending delivery.


We give an instant 10% discount to any client who chooses to pay by Cryptocurrency, Bank of America (BofA) Deposits, Money Gram, or Western Union.

Payment Methods

• For coding jobs, after you have received your free quote, just let us know how you want to pay and either an invoice or instructions will be sent to you.
• For membership, please visit the members page to pay or contact us.

Credit/Debit Cards:

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We accept Bitcoin   We accept Ethereum   We accept XRP

Other Methods:


Bank of America deposits

Money Gram

Western Union

Wire Transfer